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Games, Games, Games

As promised a post with many links (and games) to click on!

Games, Games, Games
You’re looking for a good game
Games, Games, Games
Get ready for my games

Games, Games, Games by Sabrina. These would probably be the lyrics if Sabrina was a nerdy gaming girl looking for some good and free games.

Some time ago I posted about the small game Nanozoa which was some Virus remake with a cool look and some addictive gameplay. Over the time I collected and found some other free games or remakes that I want to show you.

Streets of Rage – Remake
Bombergames did a good job with their remake of an old street fight  classic: Streets of Rage. If you liked the original or a fan of street brawl games like Final Fight, go ahead and grab it. It’s worth every bandwidth.

Additionally there is a Streets of Rage and King of Fighters Remake by the Senile Team (probably not that senile after all). The name Beats of Rage says it all. Screenshots do look good as well as the game itself. If you wanna be a King of Fighter, a real Brawler, go to the download page and get it. It is available for several platforms depending which you like the most.

As the Playstation 3 has finally be released in Europe I want to give you flOw. It is actually no real game, though you have goal: Eat! You are flowing in the eternal juice and you are eating everything that is smaller than you. With the time you grow up and former bigger germs can be eaten. So it’s nothing exciting but still fun.
What does that have to do with the PS3 release? flOw is the thesis of Jenova Chen from 2006 and has become a game, with some more effects and motion controlled actions on the Playstation Market Place. I think it costs about 5$ and looks nice, but the original is still free. So go ahead and munch through time and spice and get bigger and bigger.

Rick Dangerous 32
Oldie but Goodie! Our all hero Rick Dangerous in a wonderful 32bit version. The much cooler Indiana Jones version which accompanied us through every platform probably available on the market.

This platformer is a simple but not easy somehow Jump’n’Run which demands right timing for button mashing. It’s pretty damn hard and you will die many times as you do not know what comes next and have to pay with your live(s) to see it, but it’s definitely worth the effort as Rick Dangerous is simply a hero of my childhood.
So go get it and help Rick rule the “underworld” with his Gun and Dynamite and don’t get caught by those little freakin’ natives or something else like the Nazis (as always ^^’ and in comparison with Indiana Jones needed).

Railroad Tycoon (The Original)
We all know Sid Meier and his fabulous games like Civilization. Not long ago a remake was made called Sid Meier’s Railroads. It is a nearly direct remake without much change (apart from the graphics) of his original Railroad Tycoon. The problem is they did nearly everything wrong you could do after such a long time. The controls are easy, ok, but they are too easy. Complexity was thrown overboard and everything was made to fit a childish hand, somehow. The fun that made the original is gone. And instead of doing a remake why not make a new one like Civilization 3 which was just great!
So, why this text about a game you have to buy??? You do not have to… at least not the original. With the release of the remake the original Railroad Tycoon was made available on the same Website. So go get it and do some nostalgia!

Warcraft Tower Defense (in Flash)
At David Scott put on his Flash Version of the common known Warcraft Tower Defense.

Tanks to, the Internet and all those great gamemakers for images and games.

The "Happy New Year" Post

Long time, no see! Your hopes and prayers have not been heard by the lord itself as I am still blogging and blogging on. But first and foremost I wish every reader (yes, you two) a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2007. That your finest hour may come.
I know I haven’t posted something for a long long time but I was somehow distracted (and as the title of this blog suggests, gone far beyond INsanity). From now on I will try to keep up a regular post frequency (at least this is my New Year’s pledge ^^’).

I don’t want to make this very long as the new year has just started and should not be filled with that much stupidity right along but what troubled me the last weeks:
I got my Wii as the countdown suggested and I am very happy. It is a good and solid console with more good games to come. The control works great as if you have never used anything else before. The Party Games like Wii Sports and Wii Play are pretty good. Much fun with some people and some beer ^^’. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is just terrific, great, best game from Nintendo ’till this day. Most other games don’t work as they should but time will tell if Nintendo can keep up some more good games, as every console has a hard game start. Red Steel should have been the new experience in the Ego-Shooter genre but it did not quite work out. Most reviews rated it pretty bad. I tested it for 2 days and I must say: The controls could be better but are easy to adopt. After some hours you will know how to fight, how to move. From then on it is a funny and cool game with intermediate graphics and a very nice Arcade-Feeling like House of the Dead with your Lightgun. A sequel is already in the work so I hope they learn from their mistakes and will make a great next-new-gen-Ego-Shooter ^^’. And as NexGen Wars shows I am not alone with my positive thinking.
Two things could be better. First the Virtual Console. Itself is just a great idea and works great but the prices for such old games like the first Sonic, the first Legend of Zelda or R-Type are with 5€ to 10€ just by far too much. And the overall internet capability of the Wii is pretty limited. Currently no game can be played with others online, not even Red Steel and things like the WiiShop are pretty slow. Everything requires reload. I hope Nintendo will improve and focus their work on these two things.

Everything else just somehow goes and goes on. University sux as always, still no very concrete diploma thesis. Life itself is the hell of a burden ^^. Some good movies have been released. Apocalypto by Mel Gibson. Maybe controversial but I pretty much liked it. It was true and strong with great stills. The newest James Bond… long story short, best Bond movie with the second best Bond actor. Now I am looking forward to Babel and Pan’s Labyrinth, two very promising movies and I will tell you about as soon as I have seen them.

For now… the end is near… the year is over… another one just started… 2007… The End!

What troubled me…

…this week were many movies I have seen or heard about. I watched “7 Zwerge – Der Wald ist nicht genug” which was hilarious (leave your brain outside and you will piss yourself). Not only movie movies but also a lot of game and fun movies that I stumbled upon this week… and I played Sam & Max of course ^^

Street Fighter – The Movie… AGAIN
I do not know if I should smile, laugh, cry, commit suicide or just kill everybody else. Yes, it is true: Street Fighter gets another movie. After a pretty much stupid and bad movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme Capcom intend to bring you a new generation of fighting. That nowadays fighting movies do not have to be good was mentioned by me before. Hyde Park Entertainment will produce the new Street Fighter Movie in a joint venture with Capcom and it is going to be released in 2008: Street Fighter’s 20th Anniversary! The story will be focused on Chun-Li this time and it is stated that less characters from the game will make their way into the movie.
I do not really know what to think about this. There are basically no informations right now only that there will be a movie. So before I commit suicide I will wait until they cast Jean-Claude Van Damme again.

Se2en and 28 Weeks Later
Yep, two more movies I need to talk about. This time real sequels and prequels. First of all the somehow successful film by Danny Boyle “28 Days Later” gets another Episode. 28 Weeks Later is a direct sequel to the events of the first movie. 6 Month after the Virus had infected London Great Britain is a dead island. The US Army declares that the War over the Virus has been won and is constantly repopulating the cities. Refugees and hope returns to London, families reunited. But the Virus has not been exterminated. It slumbers in the some inhabitants of the city…
28 Weeks Later is directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo this time. Juan has not made many movies yet but those were damn crazy. Intacto and Psycotaxi were damn strange movies so he may be the right guy to direct Weeks. Overall the cast is pretty much new with some more or less famous actors (Harold Perrineau from LOST as example). It is going to be released next year in May but I think nothing has been confirmed in that direction.
The Movie has yet to release a trailer but I found some interesting raw material from the scene. See it here!

Another snippet of news itself is the make of a Se7en prequel. David Fincher’s 1994 movie with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt will get another Episode to enlighten us why John Doe is a freakin’ bible addict. Not much information here either but you can search for news on “Virtue” because that is the production title which turned out to have a twist to Se7en at the end.

So many movies, so many Zombies. If you are somehow into Zombies why don’t you have a look at ZOMGies!!!1 over at LoadingReadyRun!

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Everyone who knows me should know my affinity to the Wii Console from Nintendo. I preordered it and I am so looking forward to this. I can barely stand the wait and will probably have to freeze myself. I especially look forward to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I think anyone who ever played a Zelda game will immediately be fascinated by these games from the NES, GameBoy on to the GameCube. So with the Wii the newest Zelda will be released for the Wii (of course ^^’) and the GameCube and if you look at the videos or the images you will see what power the GameCube has. It just looks amazing! It will be one of the greatest games of all time, at least for me and for you I do not care. Play it and see for yourself. But why this post? In the latest 1UP Show they had an interview with the Localisation Managers of NOA playing Zelda and answering some questions. The 10 minutes video is filled with incredible scenes from the game. Go ahead and see for yourself. I had to post it!


So that’s it for this week folk. See you around!

Sam & Max [S1E1]: Culture Shock

It is done! Sam & Max have returned after 13 years of absence (whereof two years Sam & Max were just a Lucasarts announcement). After Sam & Max Hit The Road Telltale Games brings them back with a lot of marketing (and exclusive contracts with GameTap), comic strips, a new distribution method and fully 3D! The big Dog and his somehow lunatic Rabbit have returned under a new star but with all the old humour we loved back then. Let me sum it up for you…

Soda PopperSteve Purcell’s Sam & Max, the Freelance Police, are still in business. And while Sam is playing Wilhelm Tell with Max whilst he is balancing on a ball they are waiting for all those criminals that need to learn a lesson. A hard, scary and brutal lesson if so has Maxs way. Suddenly the telephone rings but it is nowhere to be found because their very own house rat has stolen it and demands cheese, Swiss cheese. Meanwhile our (anti-)heroes are negotiating with a rat something odd is making its way through the city. Former child stars of the Soda Poppers are spreading out and act weird, very weird: Vandalism, impersonation and unwanted deliveries! Something is wrong and Sam & Max have to solve this riddle… but a much bigger evil is growing behind.

“Culture Shock”, the first Episode in a six Episode series comes with a slight better Bone Graphics engine from Telltale itself. The graphics are not really bad or state-of-the-art but fit to the Sam & Max style. The complete 3D style is based on a colourful environment with winding buildings and interior. A lot is done with just colouring and shading but there are also lots of fine textures. Everything illuminates the whole scenario and leaves a great mark. Overall the designer were inspired by the old “Hit the Road” game. Even some specials and trivias have been transported into the new 3D environment. Every Sam & Max fan will feel itself home immediately. The graphics are no new Unreal but it is exactly the style Sam & Max needed. It reminds me of Grim Fandango, the best Adventure ever in my opinion.

Old and New

Sam & Max is an oldskool Point’n’Click adventure where you control Sam (No Max this time, sorry!). Nothing more, nothing less. Everything is handled by the cursor. The interface is intuitive and most likely you will only need your left mouse button. The inventory is a little box (couldn’t think of that, could we ^^) in the corner and your gun is your best friend. You will never have to scroll through your inventory because of plenty of items. Inventory puzzles are present but only as much as needed. The whole scenario plays around their office. You play along the street, a psychologist and a corner shop. All places are small but filled with interesting stuff Sam & Max have to comment on. If you do not want to solve the big mystery you can even ride your car and catch some delinquents. A funny action sequence like Full Throttle! combined with some of the funniest lines of the game. Overall a very classy Adventure which warps you back in the nineties and a time where Lucasarts made good Adventures.

Most important for you probably is the humour. One word should be enough: Hilarious! There are so many funny lines you will piss yourself laughing. All those old references, continuous asking actions and the notes by a damn crazy Rabbit that wants to punish everyone will keep you laughing until you gasp for breath. Not only the conversations but the whole environment is filled with allusions to the old Sam & Max and much more. Some example:

Sam Take that you lawbreaking dairy products!

Max Sam, No! The cheese was innocent!

Sam Innocent!? I think not.


Every sentence if filled with analogies, word jokes and much more fun by those two damn cranks. Not only them but every character has some nice gags you will run into. But the bests are with Max of course ^^. Overall Culture Shock is much about talinkg. Some minor talking riddles but bascially just the jokes, the wits, the fun comes through those dialogues. Subjective I think that this Episode has more lines and jokes most fulltime games have. Just great!

Pull over or else...In my opinion Sam & Max is the first “real” Adventure since Monkey Island 3. It’s not only about puzzles. No mechanic riddles. Not just inventory items to combine. No “Go get me this and you’ll get that!”. Do not get me wrong it has everything an Adventure needs but does not limit itself to that. All Adventures untill this day were copies of memories developers had from the time they played Indiana Jones and Monkey Island. With Sam & Max you feel that these guys made those Adventures back then (Telltale was founded by old Lucasarts developers).

If you have to criticise anything than it would be the playtime. About 3 hours is not much but enough compared to the price. With 5 more Episodes to come I cannot stand the wait. All I can say is “BUY IT DAMN IT!” It is worth every penny and if it would cost 100$. If you love Adventures then you will marry Sam & Max: Culture Shock! Otherwise Max will give you a Shock Treatment!

Source of Picture, InGame Screenshots taken by myself.

Sam & Max has been released!

samandmax_ep1_max3.jpgA new Sam and Max has just been released for international customers and fans all over the world. The first Sam and Max since 1993 (OK, there was just one but that one was great!!!) is produced and published by Telltale Games. If you do not know TTG already: They do adventures and adventures only! They did some CSI Games and were the ones that brought you two Bone Episodes. Yes, Episodes! Telltale were probably the first guys that released an adventure in an episodic structure. And so is Sam and Max. The first Season is splitted into 6 Episodes all with a length of about 3-4 hours of gameplay. “Damn short” you might say but sum all episodes up and you get around 15-20 hours of gameplay. More than most Adventures, Ego-Shooters, Action-RPGs or Jump’n’Runs today. The first Episode is named “Culture Shock”.

You can purchase every Episode from the Telltale homepage for 8.95$ each. Or you buy the whole season for 34.95$ and will have access to every Episode at the day of release. That is a good price for the whole season so I bought it already ^^. The Episodes are going to be released monthly beginning from January (the first Episode is an exception). So it will probably be like a television series you like. I am currently downloading the first Episode and will give you my humble opinion later on. To get an idea of the game, the voices and the story for yourself just try the DEMO!!!

I have to get going, stuff todo, but I will play Sam and Max today!

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