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3DRealms shuts down!

How? This cannot be possible. This must be a joke. Please be joking. In reality they finished Duke Nukem 4 Ever and will release it. Broussard told everyone that they hit a milestone. This must be marketing.

Update 5

Somehow the Duke still lives (of course)! Scott Miller posted at his Facebook site that the current state is more of a pause than the death of the Duke (who can never die as we all know ^^’). Also some new images emerged with the post. I think they are great and have to still believe that I will see the Duke again.

Update 4

Now, some new footage popped up. Actually it is no new footage but the full segment not shown on the Jace Hall show, when he visited 3DRealms and had the chance to play it. I think it looks actually good and somehow finished. The idea with the controlling tentacles look good and the weapons are awesome as always. I really hope we will see this game in some time…

Duke Nukem Forever played by Jace Hall

Update 3

After more and more news about how 3DRealms possibly refused 30 Millions and Take 2’s action of suing 3DRealms for 12 Millions and Source Code as well as Assets the first, more or less official statement has been made by the remaining executives at 3DRealms. It seems that 3DRealms still exists as a company but had to let go of all their developers in the beginning of May. Everything stated can be interpreted in many ways but I still have hope. It was also reported that Miller, Broussard and other Executives will give a full official statement some time later. So let’s hope everything gets at least clarified.

Update 2

Voodoo Extreme got their hands on 28 Hi-Res Screenshots of the “probable” game. The screens also contain a set of Story Tables/World Chart offering what Duke Nukem Forever could have been. The video below already showed our favourite “Stadium” level (but I liked “L.A. Rumble” more ^^’) and it seems that this would have been the entry into the game, as Duke plays his “historical documents” as a game, in the game. I am sorry, but again I need a moment…*morphingtoweepingwillow*


One of the 3DRealms Animators Bryan Brewer, who worked on Duke Nukem Forever, released a Reel of his work done for the game. If this is the real deal, and this is actual gameplay footage with some story hints and everything, this would have been exactly everything a Duke3D BNC-Net gamer could have wished for. I am sorry, but I need a moment…*cryingoutloud*

Duke Nukem Forever (2007)

The new Adventures of old Monkey Island

Tales of Monkey Island is available. Head over to Telltale Games and download the demo!

Tomorrow Telltale Games will release its interpretation of new Tales of Monkey Island. Based on its known Engine, with a new Storyline split into 5 episodes of enormous fun (at least I hope… and I am pretty sure about it). I will post more about it during the week as I pre-ordered it, of course. But for now, a small trailer…

Tales of Monkey Island (2009)

Bow Street Runner

I just stumbled upon a very good and fascinating adventure made with Macromedia Flash (I do not accept that Adobe bought it ^^’). It is called “Bow Street Runner” on the Channel4 site. It is a historical FMV adventure (so, please have a broadband connection for this) that tells a crime story in London in its 1750s and the Runners in Covent Garden.

Bow Street Runner - Crime Scene
Bow Street Runner – Crime Scene

The wonderful created game gives you the ability to search around, look at evidence, talk to people and try to chit-chat them into giving you clues. “Bow Street Runner” uses real actors playing their parts very well and are staged into the pre-rendered backgrounds you can traverse (basically like Myst, but with far more fluent and accurate controls).
In addition to simple pixel hunting there are extremely well designed action puzzles as you have to pick a lock with specific movements with your mouse or listen to a moving conversation with a jar.
While playing through the game you get the opportunity to try yourself on some mini games as well as you can achieve higher ranks with the Runners as you progress. These can be fasten up as there are special bonus achievements (e.g. save someones life).
As it is a Shockwave game you do not have the chance to save your progress but at the end of every episode you get a special progress code that gets saved onto your computer (probably through a cookie). Additionally you can send this code to your E-Mail address. And as the episodes have a moderate length it is no big negative point.

Bow Street Runner - Suicide?
Bow Street Runner – Suicide?

I have to say the five episodes adventure impressed me. It is made in tradition to old games like Bad Mojo, Tex Murphy, Phantasmagoria, Gabriel Knight and others that were gaming hits in the mid 90s (I liked them!). But in contrary to some bad examples that just made you click yourself through pre-rendered or pre-filmed scenes this one motivates through its distinct art style, historical correctness and the interesting twist between detective work and action riddle solving.

I recommend you go over to the “Bow Street Runner” site and get a picture of what I presented you here about the game. This is a wonderful example of how it should be done to motivate the player and to make a very well furbished game. I hope there will be more games of such caliber as I think these are great games especially to speed up the online game distribution. “You don’t know Jack!” is another example of a wonderful idea predestined for Flash games.

PS: Here is an engine that could be used or extended for such projects ^^’ (No, I would never self-advertise)

StrongBad – The Game

Some weeks ago Telltale Games (the creator of the new, hilarious Sam and Max Seasons) announced that they are developing are solitary brand for the WiiWare system from Nintendo (besides the conversion of Sam and Max – Season One for the Nintendo Wii).

Today Telltale finally revealed the new brand: StrongBad! For all those of you who do not not StrongBad go and visit Homestarrunner to get your E-Mails answered!
I am a very big fan of StrongBad and “LIMOZEEN”, watching it every week! Therefore I am pretty excited (as you can tell, otherwise I wouldn’t post it ^^’). I recommend you to watch this episode about StrongBad in an Anime-Style if you do not know StrongBad at all as it is one of my favorites.

Not much is known at the moment I am writing this but the title will be fabulous Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People (SBCG4AP) and it will be some kind of classic adventure, like the Sam and Max Seasons but evolving around StrongBadia and its habitants. So a 3D Point’n’Click Adventure as we like it. Matt and Mike Chapman (the geniuses) will be involved in the development.
There will be five episodes released monthly starting June, downloadable through the WiiWare system by an unknown price. The game will feature WiiConnect24 (in what way nobody knows… but jesus!).

I hope we will be able to play other characters as StrongMad or do Crank Calls and use the Teen Girl Squad ^^’.

Telltale Games released the first Trailer with ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE and Images right on or watch it here..right NOW!

Gameplay Trailer

As delicacy a video of LimoZEEN Live in Atlanta after the jump!

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Mii, Me, Moi, Mig, Mim, Ich!

Finally, after years of blogging (and month of !blogging) I decided to show myself to my humble but crowded community. As a friend of mine and me myself were playing around with Gravatar we portrait ourselves. He used the commonly known South Park Studio and I made a copy of my first and best Mii Character. So…

Here I am! Here it is! My full body portrait!
Mii myself!

I take requests for life-size poster prints through the comments. Costs vary by service and postal rate to your location.

PS: Even if this happens to be my Mii Character I ensure (and many friends will too) that this is very accurate. If you think this is a hoax, rest assured IT IS NOT!