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If you want to install Mac OS X in a VirtualBox on an Intel PC…

…maybe the following can help!

For about a week now I am owner of an iPad and it is actually pretty nice. Air Video Server allows me to watch all my stuff on my couch or bed and some of the games during Christmas sale are pretty nice, especially Dungeon Defenders and Angry Birds of course.

So, as I am a Developer I just want to develop and test some stuff on my iPad, to get into the iOS environment and broaden my horizon. Just out of curiosity. But the thing with nearly all Apple products in general is: They work fine… in their controlled AND closed environment!

If you want to develop for iOS you actually have to own an Intel Mac (i.e. Mac Mini, Macbook etc.). At least this is the only official way. There are some other possibilities such as with the Dragonfire SDK that builds a whole SDK for iOS development on Windows based on “normal” C/C++ or to use engines such as Unity and Shiva3D that deploy onto iOS (actually Flash CS5 also provides an iOS publishing profile). But this is not what I want, I just want to try some things and get into the normal iOS development with XCode and Objective-C.

So as I decided to not follow some of the other ways I needed to get hold of a Mac Machine. But I am not willing to pay at least 600€ for a Mac Mini just to “play around” with iOS. So I had to find a way to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard on my machine. As this is not supported by Apple and a little tricky I did not want to start installing it directly to my notebook but thought about trying it in a virtual machine. “Good thought” you might say… but tricky as I noticed!

I chose VirtualBox as the Virtual Environment to test an installation. I did some googling and actually found many MANY resources, tutorials and board messages explaining how to do it. I am pretty sure I read nearly all of them and experimented for about 3 days to get it running… day and night (got no sleep during that time as I wanted it to run). But all the time something went wrong.
That one didn’t boot! The other one wouldn’t get my network card right. Audio is still a big problem… and so on and so forth. But all of a sudden, as I was already giving up (really!!!) I found two excellent WebSites and Tutorials that got it working for me.

The one that started the effort again was flyNflip. It was the first very clear and simple tutorial how to get started. That was the first easy tutorial that got me to a “just working” installation. The only thing you need is to get hold of a Snow Leopard DVD. I got an update Version, it’s not too expensive.
But it wouldn’t boot! What did I do wrong? Going through the comments I found the second WebSite at Sysprobs. It showed nearly the same steps how to install MacOSX in a VirtualBox but went a little further. It explains the EFI problem. It gives examples and further tutorials for getting rid of issues and more.

So now I have a running MacOSX Snow Leopard running in my VirtualBox. It’s also up to date (10.6.5) and actually somehow smooth for a virtual machine. Currently I am installing XCode and the iOS SDK (as you can see on the picture) and I hope everything will work out. If so, maybe I will post some stuff about iPad development…

MacOSX running in a VirtualBox
MacOSX running in a VirtualBox

Nevertheless, I am still very curious about why Apple does try to prevent you to explore MacOSX on other Machines (actually I am pretty sure I know why ^^’). But at least for developers that want to develop iOS Apps on a Windows or Linux Machine they should give out a possibility to do so. I would never buy a Mac Machine just to do so but I am very curious to try it and maybe develop the next #1 App ^^. They nearly lost me during the process and what I did is actually neither supported nor endorsed by Apple. I hope I won’t get into trouble but as I am owning an iPad and want to give something back I hope not.

So, I will get back to my MacOSX installation (XCode and iOS SDK installation is nearly finished) and hope I provided two good resources for others that think like me.

*UPDATE* XCode and iOS SDK installed. Works fine! But I have trouble if I want to set a widescreen display resolution. 4:3 works fine (e.g. 1280×1024), widescreen has some problems (e.g. 1440×900). It still boots but the redrawing of the window is somehow messed up.

Mii, Me, Moi, Mig, Mim, Ich!

Finally, after years of blogging (and month of !blogging) I decided to show myself to my humble but crowded community. As a friend of mine and me myself were playing around with Gravatar we portrait ourselves. He used the commonly known South Park Studio and I made a copy of my first and best Mii Character. So…

Here I am! Here it is! My full body portrait!
Mii myself!

I take requests for life-size poster prints through the comments. Costs vary by service and postal rate to your location.

PS: Even if this happens to be my Mii Character I ensure (and many friends will too) that this is very accurate. If you think this is a hoax, rest assured IT IS NOT!

A Happy New Year (with old games)!

A Happy New Year to everyone reading this (Yeah, you two! [Damn, worst joke ever!!!]). I hope you enjoyed your New Years Eve, had much fun and are eager to read much more stuff I’m writing about. For me myself I just got smoothly into the new year as I have a cold and far to many things to think about!

Two of those things that troubled me the last weeks (besides Christmas and New Year) were the announcements or better first/new materials of Street Fighter IV and Duke Nukem Forever (And YES! I always believed it will be released…).

Street Fighter IV
First of all Street Fighter IV was announced some weeks ago with a very stylish trailer.
After much speculation about which dimension Street Fighter IV will conquer (3D like Street Fighter EX3 or 2D like the old Street Fighter World Games, which we liked so much) two weeks ago 1UP (better EGM) had an exclusive first look at an early development stage of the game… and damn, it looks very very good.

It will be a 2.5D fighting game as the whole graphics are 3D (not really classic Cel-Shading but very pastel like texturing and colouring) but the fighting will be on a traditional 2D layer with some additional special effects and environment interaction. Not much is known at this moment as the Capcom states that the development has just started, so the release won’t be before the end of 2008 (and a new “Happy New Year” post ^^’) but EGM managed to get some information out of the developers.
The characters of Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Dhalsim are already somehow integrated. No final word on the character selection later on. Additionally to classic “Hadokens” and fighting there will be Ultra Combos integrated (probably known from games like “God of War”) and a “Rescue System” that will allow players on the edge to come back with some kind of blowout. For the whole story (I am too lazy to retell it here) have a look a the 1UP Feature.

smallville_kristin_kreuk_lana_lang.jpgBesides a new game in the franchise the rumour about a new movie (after the disaster movie with Jean-Claude) was spread month ago and they came out true. With “Street Fighter – The Legend of Chun-Li” Andrzej Bartkowiak (director of DOOM and respected for his camera work) will helm a new movie starring Chun-Li (hard to tell). Less than for the game is known what the movie will deal with (but Chun-Li) but what is known already is that the main actress will be Kristin Kreuk. Most people probably know here as Lana Lang from the Superman-Series “Smallville”. And actually as much as I think she looks lovely I cannot really think of here as Chun-Li.
But until we know more, see the first trailer and watch the final cut we can kill time by watching the hilarious Later Years of Street Fighter!

Street Fighter IV – 1UP Gameplay and Developer Chat (2007)

Duke Nukem Forever
Another bit news story made our Christmas more wonderful than the last 6 years. As Broussard lashed his men to finalize the first trailer since E3 2001 Duke Nukem Forever lives again. Declared dead by many, honoured with a Vaporware Lifetime Achievement Award but the Duke IS Forever.
Much could be said to this achievement, a recap of the last ten years with Duke Nukem Forever has been summed up by Shacknews so I let them do the writing and just give you the trailer.
But remember: Broussard once declared on the 3DRealms Board that the first new material will be shown if the release is within the next 12 months. So let’s hope he is right and is true to his words!

Duke Nukem Forever (2007)

I prepared the Duke Nukem Forever Trailer from ’98 and ’01 for your pleasure after the jump!
Thanks to 1UP/Gamevideos, Gametrailers and the developers for those great resources!

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