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New Android OpenGL ES Port – Stencil Shadows

Greetings to all of you. Unfortunately long time no “port” see! I had a lot on my mind (something got posted beneath ^^) and a lot to do (many travels, many projects, new horizon). But now I am back in full glorious “in”sanity to enhance your (Android) imagination ^^#

So, first let’s recapture some things about my NeHe Android Ports: To my surprise they were accepted good and got some publicity. I am happy about that… not so much that I had too little time to continue the series like I hoped for. But now I am back and will continue to translate as many NeHe lessons as possible.

But first, I uploaded another port but no NeHe Lesson. The new port is based on code from Apron and his OpenGL tutorial codes and deals with Stencil Shadows. This is definitely something interesting and missing besides what is covered by the NeHe tutorials so far. Therefore, I decided to do this first and then continue with other ports. So, head over to the new section of general Android tutorials and ports under Projects and check out finest stencil shadows on your phone.

PS: I will continue with the NeHe lessons but I will also keep an eye open for other feature/functionality tutorials that could be interesting to know about and are relevant for 3D development on mobile phones.