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Rainlendar 2.0

Probably the most important tool I use on my PC. Rainlendar, the desktop Calendar. “So what?” you might say, “There are hundreds of them!” and yes you are right. And let me tell you this, I tried them all. I tested nearly every single one of them. Night after night I was searching sites like BetaNews or was hunting for a shareable desktop calendar in Google. But none of them was nearly as clearly structured, intuitive to use and as fast as Rainlendar. A great and almost fully customizable tool that is very dainty and does not take all your desktop away.

Normaly I would state “…and as free as Rainlendar!” but that has changed. A long time Rainlendar stayed in a very low versioning (0.2.xxx) and was free. Lots of skins and languages were available and I was happy. Last month Rainlender 2.0 was released. Fully enhanced. Even better than before and with an improved Network Shared Calendar. But wait? What’s this? Lite and Pro Versions? NOOOOOO! I was shocked and paralysed in the first twopointfivefoursix seconds but then I started reading.

Yes it is true: The Pro Version costs 15€ Euros and adds Network shared calendars as well as Outlook support (which no sane man should use) to the Lite Version. BUT everyone can download the Pro Version and install it. It runs fine and is fully functional without a time limit. What it does is that it adds the word “[UNREGISTERED]” to every Network and Outlook Calendar entry. I think we can live with that and if you cannot just buy it. 15€ Euros is a good price for this really really good program with the following features:

Feature Lite Pro
Events and Tasks    
Multiple calendars    
Event manager    
Import & Export    
Backup & Restore    
New XML format skins    
Old Rainlendar skins    
Lua Scripting    
Network shared calendars    
Outlook support    

You can download Rainlendar from here. There is a Windows and a Linux Version. Go ahead and download the Pro Version because as I stated earlier it is fully functional. The download is about 3MB small. I would recommend to anybody to try this program. It is just a great addition to your normal day planning.