This started out as the blog to accompany me on my road to my diploma. In the meantime I posted about probably everything that came to my mind and more or less nothing regarding my diploma thesis. But nevertheless, I finished it, got my diploma in computer science from the University of Bremen and now I am child of the working proletariat, but still thinks he needs to have his very own WordPress. So, now I am old, working as a Software Engineer, worked on Online Browser MMOs, applied research, service middleware and I am still interested in many things. Therefore, I will try to keep this Blog as updated as possible with everything that still bothers or interests me and I hope it is still interesting or annoying for at least some people ^^’

MiiRegarding my interests and expertise: I am an experienced Java programmer and Software Engineer nowadays, with over 8 years of experience in research and industrial projects as well as large scale product server environments. I worked in different themes and am experienced with most different platforms like Desktop, Servers, PDAs, Phones as well as C#, Scala or PHP and of course many more. Personal interests cover much experience with many, many Java Application– and Web-Frameworks, Android and a little JME, with which I experiment and test to widen the horizon and see what could be used. I know and worked with most design patterns (no, I do not think all are relevant ^^) and architectural principles (from MVC to MDA over SOA to SaaS and many more Buzzwords) and proved to be able to translate these to different environments and languages. Additionally, I am a child of the internet and I like everything technical and freaky from the internet. Therefore, I will probably post about obscure things but also about Games, Movies, Music, Computers and much more.

The origin story of this domain and the name INsanityDesign is vaguely in my head, but over ten years ago, I fought with myself what to publish on the different INsanityDesign domains I actually had. I made my decision some years ago and installed this very Blog.

So, you are asking Why? Because I can! (I had this philosophy before Obama ^^’) The only good reason any man needs to do something.

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